Monday, January 12, 2009


Oh lands, I have to get this off my chest. I must confess that I am ALREADY strongly yearning for spring and especially summer. I know, I know. We've really just begin with Winter. It's not that I hate winter. It's just that once Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a good snowfall have come and gone, I'm really ready for it to just merrily move on it's way. I'm ecstatic that Valentine's Day is coming up, but let's be real here, Valentine's is in no way enhanced by cold, dreary weather. We have plenty of opportunities to curl up with our love in the months that precede, so that doesn't count. To put a big coat and scarf over your V-day outfit does not add charm or flare to the event. So, all in all, I just can't wait for spring and summer to get it's butt over here.

When I think of spring one of the first things I think of is green and freshness. Bright, crisp air - full of sun, all yellow and white, ready to do it's magic to sad and hungry little plants and grasses. I also think of Easter and picnics. And I think of brunches, showers, and tea parties! Honestly, what is more springy and joyous than a brunch, shower, or tea party? So, to perk us all up just a bit, I'm going to post some pictures of what's to come. These are from last year. I can't wait to see what kinds of soirees these next wonderful seasons will bring. But for now, let these soothe those winter blues.

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tina said...

I love my fernd's blog... and i would love it even more is she would post something new so I had something wonderful to read ;)

Where on heavens did you get the chicken picture? Does your mom have chickens?? hehe.

Those pictures of brunch look AHmaZING! I may have to steal some ideas. Oh I miss you.