Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Sappy Saturday

I really do think the trend of using the word 'heart' is getting a bit old, but I do have to say, I heart heart day. I do. I absolutely LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY. Dare I say, I even love it more than Christmas and Thanksgiving. There is no holiday sweeter. Even before I met the love of my life and spent so many V-Days alone, there was always the fantasy of love on Valentine's. I didn't become a cynic. I always hearted heart day. Well, now there is nothing lovelier than spending the romantic, cheerful day with the hubby. And so that's what I did. And, don't we just love that it was on a Saturday this year? My favorite day of the week and my favorite holiday all in one, such a lucky girl...

I was so busy scurrying around the house and buying last minute goodies that my picture-taking kind of got squeezed in here and there. Hence some not so great photos. Anyway, Ethan had kind of requested Eggs Benedict for V-day Brunch. And, I kind of decided not to make them. Is that a terrible wife of me? It wasn't like he requested it and then I just dropped the ball only to leave him very dissapointed! We discussed it a bit and decided that maybe it was better to go for simple this time. I promised him I would deliver next year. Pastries and eggs. Perfect. At Avenue Bread, I scored some fresh pastries- berry danish, puff-pastry cinnamon roll, and chocolate croissant. While I made the best scrambled eggs in town, I popped the pastries in a warm oven and that was it. I've been making awesome scrambled eggs people, I finally got it down to a science. I've always been too impatient to really take the time to cook them gently, but now I know its so worth it. I whisk them almost violently, heat some butter in a non-stick over low, butter mildly bubbles , take pan off heat, pour in eggs, and stir almost constantly over low heat, add two to three big pinches of salt, eggs finally gather into a pile, and voila. This method ensures rich, creamy, and flavorful eggs. Wet but just cooked throughout. I have to pace myself, I could eat them every morning. So, that was our delightfully easy brunch. Later that night, we went out to our favorite streakhouse here in town (hold on to your seats lobster lovers) and I learned that I don't like lobster. I know! Pretty crazy, right? But, I didn't. I don't know if it wasn't lobster from Maine? Whatever the case and where ever it came from, I definitely didn't get what makes it so special. I didn't think the flavor was great and I hated the texture. So, that's one thing I can cross off the culinary to-do list. I guess I'm just a crab sort of girl?

Aren't Moms the best? Well, my sweet mother sent us a Valentine's Day package! Every now and then as kids, my mom would surprise my sister and I with a bunch of goodies on Valentine's Day morning. These goodies were usually placed at the breakfast table in our respective usual spots and were served ala french toast. We were recently reminiscing about this together with my mom, not looking for a gift at all mind you. We really weren't! And of course, two weeks later we got a surprise package!

There's nothing better that packages from loved ones. Especially, unexpected ones! In the box, she had stuffed pink dish sponges, candy, a Starbucks card for Ethan, and this precious tote for moi. She knows me too well! I love it! And, as cheesy as it is, and especially because I received this on Valentine's Day, I will think of those two little birds on the front as Ethan and I! Oh, and just a week earlier, my dear friend Tina sent me a little package, in it was that card pictured below and an adorable little floral apron! Thanks again, Tina! Thanks, Mom...

Here are a few specimens of the enormous batch of sugar cookies I had to make for work last week. The order was for a hundred and I opted to decorate them in a very simple, elementary way. So, tasty. Unfortunately, the picture isn't!

Okay, I have to get to work now. I hope you or you and yours had a most lovely Valentine's Day. I know I did. In fact, I'm already looking forward to the next one.

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missmallory said...

Loving your 'heart' day post.
Our moms are very similar. My mom has always surprised me with a little something on valentines day. For some reason I never expect it, but it always makes the day so, so special.