Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gorgonzola Burgers and Fries

This last Sunday my husband and I got a bit traditional. We decided to watch the last game of the NBA finals and make homemade hamburgers and fries. My husband could eat burgers morning, noon, and night and I was quite happy to oblige him with this meal. We decided to make fat, juicy natural-beef burgers and served them between Rosemary English Muffins from a local artisan bakery, and smothered them with caramelized onion and warmed gorgonzola. Is your mouth watering yet? I'd love to hear about your favorite burger by the way...

We also decided to fry up some onion rings and sweet potato fries. I was kind of looking for a beer-battered onion ring recipe but came upon this one on All Recipes which 350 people gave five stars so I just went with it. They were really good onion rings, much like what you'd get at a typical drive in. I tend to prefer onion rings with a really crisp, smooth coating and these had a very crisp, crunchy coating. But they were good and we made up a little dipping sauce for our fried goodies using mayonnaise, some ketchup, honey, relish, and white wine vinegar.

I have to say that the game was a pretty bland one, somewhat of a blowout and not terribly exciting to watch - but thankfully our meal was packed with flavor and fun! You gotta love those kind of days. Simple but oh-so-good.


tina said...

OH my heck I want that burger... seriously. I am probably drooling on the keyboard. Carmalized onions and warm Gorgonzola??????? mmmmmmm. you rock bestie. xoxo

RachelleLouise said...

Well, my friend, you just pop up here any old time and I'll make you that burger and more! Thank you for sweet comments! YOU rock I'm afraid! : )