Monday, July 06, 2009

A Delicious Mistake

Usually when a boo-boo occurs in the kitchen it's just that: a flop, disaster, waste, blunder, the list goes on... But every now and then it turns out to be a surprising and delicious delight!

This last weekend I was preparing some dessert components for a party (whipping cream in this instance) and had my sister and nephew over. My one-year old and adorable nephew Charlie was having a hay day in my kitchen, he was taking full advantage of the more unfamiliar kitchen that his own and had his chubby little hands in everything. He was taking cans off the shelf and placing them here and there all over the floor, he found my baking collection and all kinds of other goodies. I was also fixing my sister a french press and had a pint of half and half out on the counter for her, deciding to add more creme to the mixer I accidentally picked up the full pint of half and half and dumped it right into my mixer without even thinking! I didn't even realize what I had done until the 'cream' just wasn't setting up after about five minutes on the highest setting and had started splattering all over the place. I was slightly devastated because my trifle really needed more body from the cream and I didn't have time to run to the store to buy more. It ended up being okay and thankfully my sister was here to reassure me and even more thankful that she asked to put some of the frothy concoction in her coffee.

So, if you feel like having something terribly delicious to add into your coffee, tea, or even over fresh sliced peaches or berries just mix up about equal parts regular whipping cream and half and half. It's thick, creamy, frothy, and rich and I love how it pours. When you pour it to your coffee it just feels divinely sinful. I should add that when putting it in your coffee add an equally indulgent spoonful of brown sugar to make a most-wonderful milky and caramelized cup of café!

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