Thursday, August 27, 2009

French Food for All

Good evening dear readers. This isn't really a food post though I assure you I have some good things coming up shortly! I've been very disassembled these last couple weeks as I've had birthdays to tend to, gourmet dinners to host, a fairly emotional move out of my charming apartment, and some other news I hope to share with you soon! I've felt terrible about not getting on here to give you something tasty to feast on. So I just wanted to say hi. And to tell you to stay with me and hold on tight because I've got goodies. They are coming. I promise.

I'm sure you've guessed by the photo that I've just seen Julie and Julia. Of course I totally loved it. What wouldn't be to love? Paris, Julia Child, Meryl Streep, a blogger, book deals, and LOTS of cooking and food joy. Movies are funny things, they often hold such promise but the thing is is that until you go and actually seem them they can't be yours. I've looked forward to seeing this film for months now and had ideas of how it would be but nothing beats going and actually letting it take you away. This movie definitely took me away and I love that I was able to share it with my favorite ladies in town, the Around the Table gals. Our group is blossoming into something beautiful and I'm constantly amazed by how special it truly is. We spent eight hours around my dining room table this last Saturday night blissfully talking and eating our way into the morning hours. More on that to come. I guarantee it will get you wanting some Italian food... But so yeah, all us girls are turning into a bit of a sisterhood and I can tell that beautiful friendships are beginning to form. Food and friends. Isn't that just about all you need?

Before I go I just want to add that the blog may start feeling just a bit more personal. I originally started the blog because of my love of food and wanted a way to journal it and share. I wanted to keep it semi-professional in the case that potential employers could use it as a way to see my culinary perspective and style, etc. I still want it to be those things, I just want to start feeling a little bit more free with it. So that means more stories, thoughts, and basically just more of plain ol' me! How do we feel about this? I welcome lots of feedback, just so you know!

During the film this evening, I noticed many things similar about Julia and I. And I liked it. I'm pretty good... but not great. And I'm starting to get pretty okay with that! So while I think on that note and really should probably go and try to unpack a couple more boxes, I think I'm going to curl up on the sofa and catch up on the new season of Project Runway. It's been days since I've had some lazy me time.

I just wanted to say hello before another day passed. Goodnight friends...


missmallory said...

Ohhh, I look forward to changes. I'm interested to see that take place. I agree, the movie with the gourmet girls was fab. It makes me wonder, why don't we get together more often outside of our dinners?

RachelleLouise said...

Hey Mallory! I think we will start doing more things together, like canning, going to cooking classes, etc. I think it's just taken us this long to get to a place with members where we would want to hang out outside of group! We all click and that makes it just wonderful!

I just loved that movie! And now I've found yet another thing that makes me want to go to Paris desperately!!! : )