Thursday, November 27, 2008


It has been nearly two years now since I first wanted to start a blog, and today it is finally happening! I decided that if there is ever a good day to start a blog then Thanksgiving Day is as good as any! I initially wanted to start a food blog. I read them often, love them, and get terribly inspired by them! But, for me, it's just too intimidating! So, I've decided to just start a blog about life and all of it's entrapment's.

I love the thought of being able to visually capture and document the captivating moments that happen during life. I will probably end up posting a lot of stuff related to cooking... but don't be surprised if you get some other little things thrown in here and there. I look forward to looking back through out the years and seeing all of the things that have inspired, charmed, made me ponder, and really- love living. I'm doing this for me. I hope you will like it.

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tina said...

YAY Shell! I"m so excited you have a blog! :) It's going to be great, you just wait and see! And did you know there are several companies that will print your blog and bind it like a book? Oh ya. You and I will both have to do that, I think it's an amazing way to journal. As for pictures, you either add them before you type, or if you add them after you can click on them and drag them to where you want them. Adding pics first is the easiest way I have found though I am not always patient enough to do that. Happy Thanksgiving Bestie!