Monday, January 26, 2009

Bánh mi

I have to say, I LOVE sandwiches. I love the bread, the endless number of fillings, the crunch of fresh veggies, and the condiments and sauces! Bánh mi is a famous Vietnemese sandwich. I think it is technically 'street food' in Vietnam, and as I have read, it can be quite addictive! I have wanted to sink my teeth into one for quite some time now and last week I got my chance. I met my friend Roberta for lunch at the Soy House, a restaurant specializing in Vietnemese fare of course.

Bánh mi is typically made with a warmed soft roll that has a light, crispy crust. It is usually filled with a very flavorful mayonnaise and a spread of pate, seasoned grilled meat, pickled carrots and daikon, fresh cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapenos. The soft roll goes so well with the crunchy vegetables, and the pickling compliments the rich, savory meatiness of the sandwich. They come with a variety of meat options ranging from pork and beef to chicken and vegetarian. I had beef and it was fabulous. Really, really good!

So, if you are ever in Vietnam, it would be an utter sin if you passed up one these from the street vendors! And, if you happen to visit a Vietnamese restaurant that serves these you should definitely try one. I will be trying to make them at home in the near future and will tell you how that goes.

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