Monday, February 02, 2009

Butter Love

I have been so darn materialistic lately! When it comes to my kitchen and dining room, I fear there is no end to the amount of things I want to keep buying! It feels like an illness! Not really, but it can become a bit of an issue! So, right after Christmas, Ethan and I were traveling back through Seattle and happened to stop into Anthropologie for a quick walk-through. Naturally, my eyes set sight on dozens of things I could have just scooped up, but there were two things that I was unable to forget after a few weeks time. One of them was a pair of long light chocolate-colored gloves and had this metallic gold trim, they were so lovely! I didn't get those, but I did manage to find a way to get the other item. You know when you fall in love with something like that, you leave it, and then remember it in your mind as the most amazing thing ever? Then when you see it again or get it, it isn't actually quite as amazing as you had remembered? Well, that kind of happened with this, but, I still do love it.

It's a butter dish. I kind of have a thing for butter dishes. I already have a blue Le Creuset one, but this one just had to join family. The dish never ended up being available from Anthropologie's website so I called down to Seattle to find out if they had any left and wondered if my Mom could pick one up for me on her way up here to visit. They had one left and it seemed meant to be, not to mention that it was on sale from 60 dollars down to 20! Well, when my mom went to pick it up (which was so sweet of her!) she got it out to the car and took a look at it and it was broken! So she took it back in and they told her they would send me one at no charge from the other location in Seattle. Of course, they entered my info wrong and UPS couldn't deliver it, but thankfully I was able to just go pick it up myself... So, now you know the quite boring story behind this sweet little butter dish!

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missmallory said...

So, so, pretty! I love the detail inside too! I can't wait to see it, and scoop butter out of it. . . yay! Lucky girl!!