Monday, February 23, 2009

Ooh La Lillet

Now, for the Lillet post I promised. As I said earlier, I was introduced to Lillet this last weekend, which rhymes with fillet if you're not up on your french accent. This bottle is so inviting filled with it's golden, syrupy looking liquid. It smells of honey and flowers and is rather lovely. If you want the real scoop on this French Apéritif Wine, then I highly suggest you check out the official site. It is full of french cheese if you catch my drift... It's quite comical and I got a huge kick out of the site design.

So, a new friend left the remainder of a bottle in my fridge after dinner this last weekend. I took it upon myself to enjoy an episode of Top Chef on the DVR while having a little jarful of Lillet. I served it chilled and in a squatty mason jar with ice, lime, and grapefruit segments. Oh, I just love this stuff! I have to quote some of the lines off the back of the bottle...

Since 1887, Lillet has been made in the village of Podensac, just 20 miles south of the city of Bordeaux. Each bottle contains only the finest, carefully selected wines, which are blended with herbs and fruits, from a secret award winning recipe that has been passed down through generations.

Lillet should be served chilled or on the rocks with an orange peel or slice of lime. It is best presented in a traditional Bordeaux wine glass, to enhance its subtle delicate bouquet.

(here comes my favorite line...)

It can be enjoyed anywhere, on any occasion; however, it is perfect for those special times when day turns to evening and evening turns to night!

Discover the versatility of Lillet as a cocktail base or as a spritzer par excellence with club soda & lime.

Isn't that just dramatic and fantastic?! I think so. I am enjoying this in the winter, and I know for sure that it will be perfect in the lazy afternoons and evenings of summer. I love its easy look in a mason jar as well. What a lovely discovery and another way for me to get closer to the french! I almost feel like a blonde all tangled up in grapevines when I drink it...

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