Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Simple Pleasures

I'm not sure if I should call these simple or guilty pleasures. Maybe they are a bit of both. Anyway, I've just had the most delightful of mornings. I got up early, crept quietly out of the bedroom leaving my precious husband sleeping soundly in our bed, closed the door ever-so-gently, and entered my quiet, morning-lit apartment. I knew right away that it felt like a morning for good things!

I have a bit of an illness when it comes to all of my cooking magazines. They arrive in the mail to my utter delight and then I won't open them up until the moment seems just right. This typically involves making sure the house looks nice and is all tidied up, I have to be in good spirits of course, I can't feel yucky from working, I must be showered and presentable, and I have be alone. Basically, the moment has to be enchanting by my standards. I usually indulge in my magazines on a day off or when I need to make the day feel special. Well, this Saturday morning all of those things lined up to create one perfect magazine-viewing extravaganza. To enhance the experience, I let some cheeses come to room temperature and enjoyed them for breakfast while reading along. It was about as good as it gets for me. Last night, I got cheap Chinese and watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. It's been a good couple of days!

One of my all-time favorite things and a true sign of spring, is when you are sitting in a room that is a bit shady or glum, and all of a sudden the sun comes out from behind a cloud and bright rays of light beam aggressively through the windows and curtains and the whole room or parts of it light up joyously? Well, that occurred while I was reading Molly Wizenburg's article in Bon App├ętit on rice pudding. The light illuminated the rice pudding and it was as if heaven's gates opened and angels began singing. This of course confirmed the making of the rice pudding.

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missmallory said...

I just had to tell you; I'm loving the new banner! Great edits, it's much better taller! Gorgeous darling!!