Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainbow Trout

I should report that, lately, it would seem that Ethan and I haven't been eating so well. We have been taking the lazy, cheap way out of things and as a result, have starting feeling kind of toxic! After wallowing around in self-misery and shame for a few days, I bucked up and decided it's time to get with the program. I mean for goodness sake, I went to one of the best whole foods/nutrition-centered culinary schools in the country. I know more than most about what is best for the body and best to cook in the kitchen. But still, with all that knowledge it's easy to let convenience sneak its way into your life and your kitchen and ultimately, your belly. So, I set out to meander through the co-op and find some healthy inspiration.

I hit the produce section first. I selected two different kinds of chard, broccoli that was on sale, red peppers, and some sweet potatoes. While I was working my away around the perimeter of the store I came across the deli and some adorable little fish. I remember one time when my Dad and I went fishing at this little pond and caught a few rainbow trout. I know we took them home and had them for dinner. I also remember that they are delicious. The last time I had rainbow trout was a couple year ago when Ethan and I had dinner and Campagne down in Seattle. It was good then too. Anyway, the deli girl and I picked out the two prettiest and most colorful fish and I was on my way.

It felt so good to actually cook whole, healthy foods for a change. I think I'm starting to come to a simple approach to eating and cooking. My goal is to just bring out the essence of the ingredients and keep them the way I think they intend to be. We seared the trout in butter and olive oil and just kept it super simple with salt and pepper. The chard was sauteed with lots of garlic and then got a splash of oil and vinegar at the end. And for the sweet potatoes, they were just cubed and roasted with a sprinkling of brown sugar and a little bit of butter. I think we are going to start eating in a lot more from now on. I'm excited.

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